#7 Pumbaa: Emacs text editor on Nano32 (ESP32)!

Write a Python script in Emacs on a Nano32 (ESP32) and import it.

#6 Pumbaa: DAC ramp on Nano32 (ESP32)!

Measure the DAC output voltage on a Nano32 (ESP32).

#4 Pumbaa: Room temperature (DS18B20).

Read and print the room temperature measured with a DS18B20 sensor.

#3 Pumbaa: Gource of the Pumbaa repository.

Gource visualizes the Pumbaa Git repository file tree over time. In this project the source, test and documentation was written simultaneously, a perfect school book example of software development.

#2 Pumbaa: Queue class unit testing on Nano32!

Unit testing is an important part of most embedded applications. This video shows how easy it is to run a test suite on the target hardware, in this case a Nano32 board.

In the video; the test suite can be seen in the left window and the compilation, upload and execution in the right window.

To execute the same test suite on native linux the BOARD variable shall be set to linux. Simple as that.