3.4. inet — Internet networking

Internet network configuration and protocol implementation.

Simba documentation: inet

class inet.HttpServer(ip_address, port, routes, on_no_route)

Create a HTTP server object. The HTTP server opens a socket and binds to given ip_address and port. routes is a list of route tuples, where each route tuple contains a path and a callback function. on_no_route is called when a request is received for a path that is not found in routes.

Here is an example of a HTTP server with one route, '/index.html'. Enter in your webbrowser to get the index page.

>>> from inet import HttpServer
>>> def on_no_route(_, request):
>>>     return (request.path + ' not found.',
>>>             HttpServer.RESPONSE_CODE_404_NOT_FOUND,
>>>             HttpServer.CONTENT_TYPE_TEXT_PLAIN)

>>> def on_request_index(_, request):
>>>     return ('<html><body>Hello from Pumbaa!</body></html>', )

>>> routes = [('/index.html', on_request_index)]
>>> http_server = HttpServer('', 80, routes, on_no_route)
>>> http_server.start()

Simba documentation: inet/http_server


Start the HTTP server.


Stop the HTTP server.


Wrap given HTTP server in SSL, to make it “secure”. context is created with the SSL module.

This function must be called before start().

class inet.HttpServerWebSocket(connection, request)

Create a HTTP server WebSocket object with given connection and request.

An example of how to use the HTTP server WebSocket class in a HTTP server route callback.

>>> from inet import HttpServerWebSocket
>>> def on_websocket_echo(connection, request):
>>>     ws = HttpServerWebSocket(connection, request)
>>>     while True:
>>>         message = ws.read()
>>>         print('Message:', message)
>>>         if not message:
>>>             break
>>>         ws.write(message)

Read a message from the remote endpoint.


Write buffer to the remote endpoint.

inet.ping_host_by_ip_address(address, timeout)

Ping host by IPv4 address address. Send an echo request packet to the host and wait for the echo reply packet. Only the ICMP header is transmitted, no extra payload data is added to the packet. Returns the round trip time in milliseconds.

Raises an OSError exception if no response is received within timeout seconds after the request is sent.

>>> inet.ping_host_by_ip_address("", 2)
>>> inet.ping_host_by_ip_address("", 2)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>

Simba documentation: inet/ping